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  1. What is ESPN app?

    It is an app that allows you to check scores and news, watch live sports, and follow your favorite teams and players all in one place! You can download the app on both your computer and your mobile phone.

  2. Why should I get this app?

    The app is your one stop online location for sports on the go, allowing you to log in to interviews, documentaries, live games, replays and much more, from anywhere. You can review, rewind, fast forward to your favourite play, a missed commentary, etc, while using the app.

  3. Can I get the ESPN app?

    The ESPN app is a collaboration between The Cable and ESPN and will be available to all Ultra TV customers from May 6th, for a trial period until June 30. Thereafter, it will be made available to only Ultra TV customers who subscribe to our MaxPak Sports Package.

  4. How do I download this app?

    Visit our YouTube page for audio visual instructions on how to download the app. Our written instructions are also provided here.

  5. Can I sign up for this app?

    All customers who subscribe to our Ultra TV service are currently eligible to sign up for the app during the trial period mentioned above. Thereafter, only subscribers to our MaxPak Sports Package will be allowed to sign up. For instructions, visit our YouTube page.

  6. What happens to my subscription after the trial period?

    All Ultra TV customers who subscribe to our MaxPak Sports Package will continue to have access to the ESPN app. All other subscribers would have to sign up for our MaxPak Sports Package to continue enjoying this lovely service.

  7. How much do I pay for the ESPN app?

    The ESPN app is available free of charge to all users who meet the eligibility criteria: Must be a customer of The Cable who subscribes to Ultra TV.

  8. Will there be an additional cost after the trial period

    The ESPN app is completely free and will remain so even after the trial period.

  9. Can I give my friends access to the app?

    We encourage customers to safeguard their login credentials as only two users with the same login can access the app simultaneously.

  10. What if I want to get the US version?

    Live feeds on your mobile phone are available only on the US version, while the PC uses the UK version.

  11. Why do we need to download the UK version?

    Live feeds on your PC are available on the UK version, specifically for our region.

  12. Why can’t I get the same versions on both my PC and Mobile device?

    ESPN has made live feeds for different regions available only on specific versions. This is normally based on licenses issued by providers and other parties to the original content.

  13. Can I flip between versions?

    Users can flip between versions, however live feeds are only available on the version specific to our territory, that is the US version for the mobile app and the UK version for the PC based version.