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Why HBO Max?

Connect up to 3 devices at the same time

Set up to 5 profiles on the same account

Quality entertainment: Shows, movies, documentaries, series

Curated kid’s experience with flexible parental controls

Only on HBO Movies and Series

Personalized streaming content

HBO Max Activation

Our HBO Max Bundles

*To qualify, you must have a MyCable account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I register for HBO Max?

    • HBO Max is a subscription streaming platform that will feature content designed for each member of the family. With series, reality shows, movies, documentaries and kids’ content, HBO Max is quality entertainment where, how and when you want it.

    • You can access HBO Max at anytime on any mobile device, tablet, PC, Laptop and Smart TV.  As an HBO Max subscriber, you will have access to some theater releases 30 days after they appear in theaters and some WB theater releases will be available on HBO Max 30 days after they appear in theaters.

    • HBO Max offers families 3 simultaneous devices, 5 personalized profiles, title downloads and HD video, depending on the device

  2. How do I qualify for HBO Max?

    • Must be signed up for Bolt Internet package or higher, or Must be signed up for any Internet package + Ultra TV

    • Your Cable bill must be up to date.

  3. What do I need to register for an HBO Max account?

    •You must have a MyCable account. If you are already registered for MyCable, use the same login credentials to access HBO Max. If you are not yet registered for MyCable, visit and click MyCable at the top right to register and then use the same username and password to access HBO Max.

    • MyCable is your personal online management account that allows you to sign up for new services and much more.

  4. How do I register for HBO Max?

    Registration instructions are available on our website

  5. Do I have to pay for HBO Max?


  6. How do I access HBO Max on my devices?

    • For mobile or tablet, download the app via the Apple or Play store.

    • For PC and Laptop, enter the following URL

  7. What should I do if I need assistance with HBO Max?

    Please call 465-2588, 662-7742 or 763-0184. You may also email us at

  8. Is it possible to view content on several devices simultaneously? How many?

    HBO Max allows viewers to live the HBO Max experience in its maximum splendor, offers families access to 3 simultaneous devices, 5 personalized profiles, title downloads and HD video, depending on the device.

  9. I only have Ultra TV (Basic), can I get HBO Max?

    You will need to add The Cable’s internet service to qualify for HBO Max.

  10. I have FLASH Internet service – Can I get HBO Max?

    You will qualify for HBO Max if you upgrade to the Bolt Internet service or add the Ultra TV service.

  11. What if I upgrade to BOLT Internet service, can I get HBO Max?

    Yes, you qualify for HBO Max if you upgrade to the Bolt Internet package, or to the Storm, Strike or Internet Package.

  12. Do I qualify for HBO Max if I get upgraded to BOLT Internet service by paying my bills with my Platinum Loyalty Mastercard?

    Yes. If you pay your Cable bill for 3 months consecutively with your Platinum Loyalty Mastercard, the automatic Internet upgrade qualifies you for HBO Max. To keep HBO Max, ensure that your bill remains up to date with payments from your Platinum Loyalty Mastercard.

  13. Can I have HBO Max if I have the HBO Movie Package?

    The HBO Movie package is an add-on to your Ultra TV service. In order to qualify for HBO Max, you must add a Cable Internet package along with your existing Ultra TV service.

  14. What if I downgrade my Internet service to FLASH Internet service?

    You will lose your HBO Max subscription, unless you add Ultra TV service to the Flash package.

  15. What if I cease my HBO Movie Package, can I still maintain my HBO Max subscription? hat do I need to register for an HBO Max account?

    Yes, provided you still have Ultra TV and internet or if you have the Bolt internet service or higher.

  16. Do I need a set-top box or any other equipment to see HBO Max on my TV?

    No. All that is needed is a Smart TV.

  17. Do I have to be a customer of The Cable to register for HBO Max?


  18. Will I have to sign a term contract of any kind for Internet and TV in order to get HBO Max?

    If you are a new Internet customer, you will need to sign an Internet contract for 12 months.

  19. Can I get HBO Max with FLASH Internet service and Ultra TV?


  20. Will HBO Max allow English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles with original sound? Will all content be dubbed into local languages?

    HBO Max offers the option, in most cases, to enjoy content in original audio, English, Spanish and Portuguese. In most cases, it’s also possible to add subtitles in any of the three languages.