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Get Platinum Get More
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Platinum Loyalty



Pay your bills. Shop online. Buy dinner. Send money to that special someone. Use your Platinum Loyalty Mastercard online, at home or while travelling. Just load the card with enough funds and use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted



Enjoy lower fees than the average card experience and exclusive specials for our Platinum Loyalty Members. This is a prepaid card therefore there is no interest rate



Transfer money to any other Platinum Loyalty Mastercard holder using your Platinum Loyalty online account. You may also do so by sending an email to National Bank at


Has Its Privileges

shopping made easy!

Now that you are Platinum, those in your circle can be too. They too can enjoy a world of exclusive benefits by being a Platinum Loyalty cardholder. With $25, gift one today!!

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*All prices are in Eastern Caribbean Currency (EC$) and are VAT exclusive.

  1. What exactly is The Cable’s Platinum Loyalty Mastercard?

    The Cable’s Platinum Loyalty Mastercard is a Mastercard payment card that The Cable offers FREE to you, and other Cable customers, to recognize your loyalty to the company. It can be topped-up with value which you can use to make payments wherever Mastercard is accepted.

  2. Do I have to be a customer of The Cable to be eligible for a Platinum Loyalty Mastercard?

    You must be a residential customer of The Cable, and in good standing, to receive the first pre-approved complimentary Platinum Loyalty Mastercard.

  3. Can I use the card to make purchases online and to pay my bills?

    Yes, provided the online vendor or company accepts Mastercard. You may also use your card to pay your Cable bill.

  4. Can I use the card when I travel?

    Yes. This is one of the main benefits of the card. You can use it anywhere that Master Card is accepted.

  5. Can I transfer money to someone overseas?

    Yes, provided that the person also has a Platinum Loyalty Mastercard, you can transfer funds using your Platinum Loyalty Mastercard’s online account. You may also do so by sending an email to and include the cardholder’s first six digits and last six digits.

  6. Can I link the card to my bank account to facilitate loading?

    This is a work in progress. However, if you have a National Bank Account you can request a transfer of funds from your SKNANB account to load your card.

  7. Will I be able to load the card from any other account

    other than National Bank?

    Yes, you can use a debit card to load your card at or email to request a transfer from your National Bank account.

  8. How do I check my balance?

    You may check your balance online at or by calling the customer service number on the back of the card and by following the prompts.

  9. What is the interest rate on the card?

    This is a Prepaid Card, therefore there is no interest rate associated with the card. The money on the card is yours!

  10. Are there any limits on how much money I can load on the per transaction or per month?

    Yes, the minimum load is $20.00, and the maximum monthly load is $10,000.00

  11. How long does it take for me to get my new Platinum Loyalty Mastercard,after I apply for it?

    Usually it will take seven to ten days to receive your card.

  12. Can I reload the card with cash at locations other than National Bank and The Cable?

    At the moment you can only reload your card at these locations. Soon you will be able to do so at other locations. Look for The Cable’s logo in popular retail outlets when this is rolled out.

  13. Must I be a customer of National Bank to be eligible for a Platinum Loyalty Mastercard?

    You do not need to be a customer of National Bank to be eligible to receive a Platinum Loyalty Mastercard.

  14. Can I use the ATM to withdraw cash?

    Yes. The card works with all ATMs that accept the MasterCard.

  15. Are there any fees associated with an ATM cash withdrawal?

    Withdrawals from SKNA National Bank ATMs are Free. An access fee is incurred for withdrawals from other ATMs

  16. Are there any monthly or annual fees associated with the card?

    There are no monthly or annual fees associated with the card.

  17. What if I lose my card?

    Should you lose your card please immediately contact our partner, National Bank at (869) 465-2204 Ext. 1400 or 1 (305) 442-1819. They can cancel your existing card, order a replacement card and transfer the unused balance. There is a $40* card replacement fee that must be paid in advance.

  18. What if I want to get another Loyalty Mastercard for someone?

    You are more than welcome to apply for another Platinum Loyalty Mastercard. The cost of a new card is $35* plus a $10* Activation Fee, which must be paid in advance.

  19. What if I attempt to make a purchase on the card but the transaction is declined due to insufficient funds, do I pay a fee?

    A fee of $2.00* is associated with declined transactions. To avoid this fee, check your balance by calling 8694652204 extension 1400 or online at before attempting any purchases.

*All prices are in Eastern Caribbean Currency (EC$) and are VAT exclusive.